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24/7 visual protection for the ultimate peace of mind

Wouldn’t it be great to stop a crime as it’s happening? Up to this point, having security cameras and recorded footage is about all you could do to provide evidence in catching the suspect. But the crime (damage) at that point has already been done.

With New Video Monitoring technology, our certified call center has the ability to monitor your home or property and be immediately notified upon suspicious activity. This enables law enforcement or emergency response to be dispatched and gven the opportunity to interrupt and apprehend.

Now that’s the type of security worth investing in.

Latest Camera Technology

From standard fixed cameras to state of the art Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) cameras with auto-focus and varifocal lenses; we install the very latest in security camera technology. Resolution, application, location, budget – are all factors we consider when choosing the right camera for you.

Secure Cloud Storage

The hope is you will never need it. But in case you do, our camera systems with Video Monitoring include storage of recordings in the event you need to view footage of a particular point in time. It’s in the cloud, securely backed up, and accessible at anytime.

24/7 Central Station Monitoring

While you do have the option to monitor your security cameras yourself, you can’t expect yourself to keep an eye on your properly 24/7. That’s what our professional certified call center is setup to do. Alert and ready to take action at a moments notice, the call center operators are here for you when you need them.


Get smarter video alerts with video analytics. It’s an intelligent service that classifies and responds to different activity on your property.

wAtch actual Apprehensions Captured

with Video Monitoring

This video shows an actual apprehension of a suspect as the crime is in progress – ultimately preventing the theft from happening. This is what Video Monitoring can do for you too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I monitor the cameras myself? Or are they monitored by a central station?

Yes, technically you can monitor your own surveillance camera system. However, you can’t expect yourself to be able to watch your property every second of the day. Conventionally, you would have the system setup with a DVR or NVR to record all activity for future reference if ever needed. But in addition to this, having a professionally monitored system allows for the chance to react to crime-in-progess and potentially prevent the actual crime from happening.

Is response time faster with Video Monitoring?

Yes, in fact Video Monitoring is the quickest sure fire method to get emergency response teams to your property. Given the reality of false alarms on traditional security systems, there are layers of communication that have to confirm the need to dispatch law enforcement or emergency crews. With Video Monitoring, the evidence is in visual real time giving direct and immediate authority to send help to the scene.

What about privacy? Will the security cameras watch and monitor me in my own house?

Thanks to modern technology, our security camera systems implement “Residential Privacy” features to your own personal privacy is protected as well. In the event of a motion alarm, the system will impose an avatar over the person(s) in the room and proceed to properly identify that person. Upon verification, full access to the video is provided to the owner of the system.

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